donatenowOur Vision

Women’s equality in a world free of oppression.

Our Mission

Creating healthy community through providing support for women and advancing gender equality.


Our Coordinating Collective, made up of Board of Directors and core staff, legally maintains West Kootenay Women’s Association, while publicly using the name Nelson and District Women’s Centre.  The Board members are voted in annually and support the Nelson and District Women’s Centre by attending scheduled monthly meetings, participating on committees, and through helping to raise awareness and funding. We have three part-time staff members.The Nelson and District Women’s Centre is supported by more than 100 volunteers and a membership of approximately 150.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Nelson and District Women’s Centre is a feminist organization.
  2. Nelson and District Women’s Centre supports a woman’s right to choice on reproductive control of her own body, including abortion, sterilization and birth control.
  3. Nelson and District Women’s Centre supports self-empowerment and fosters consciousness-raising.
  4. Nelson and District Women’s Centre creates and hosts safe places for women.
  5. Nelson and District Women’s Centre respects the rights and privacy of participants, staff, volunteers and members.
  6. Nelson and District Women’s Centre welcomes all women, including those who self-identify as women.
  7. Nelson and District Women’s Centre endorses the concept of zero tolerance for violence against women.
  8. Nelson and District Women’s Centre is environmentally conscious.



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“After a very difficult period of time in my life, the Nelson Women’s Centre became my doorway to re-engaging in the community. It is an understanding and supportive environment that allowed me to regain my confidence and trust in what I have to offer the world.”