***This page is currently undergoing updates with staff changes, stay tuned!***

Reasha Wolfe and Kori Doty
(Co- Directors)

Reasha Wolfe brings 20 years of experience addressing poverty, violence, labour and environmental issues. She had a long association with the Penticton & Area Women’s Centre before moving to Nelson in 2013. She has benefited from some of the services at the Nelson & District Women’s Centre and looks forward to building bridges between folks accessing services, and those coordinating programs. Reasha also enjoys generating community dialogue about feminism and social justice issues.

Kori Doty has worked much of the past decade in non-profit organizations, including ANKORS, largely as a community educator and curriculum writer. They were strongly supported by women’s spaces throughout their childhood and adolescence and are excited to see spaces like this becoming more inclusive of a broader diversity of folks impacted by sexism and gender injustice. Kori is the parent of a  toddler, Searyl.

Shannon Dikkema (Volunteer Coordinator)

Shannon Dikkema has a passion for teaching and learning.  She is passionate about creating support and community with and for women and supporting others to reach their fullest potential.  Shannon has long been invested in being a part of creating cultures of change and justice.  She is the mother of a lovely and spirited young daughter and loves spending time in the wild nature and in the garden.  She also currently teaches about chronic pain, embodied mindfulness and accessing the body’s healing potential using mindfulness tools.  She brings that skill set into the interactions that she has with all those she encounters. Shannon is very excited to be  the Women’s Centre as the Volunteer Coordinator and is happy to nurture and build healthy and conscious community.

Sarah Blaire (Drop In Coordinator)

Sarah moved to the Kootenay seven years ago in hopes of finding community and a place to call home. Moving into the next phase of her life, Sarah is working toward her BSW, with hopes of eventually attaining a Masters in Counselling. With a passion for learning, Sarah has spent the majority of her twenties trying to educate herself, learning how to best serve the community as an ally for change. Feminism has played a significant role in Sarah’s life; influenced by feminist literary theories and perspectives, she has spent a great deal of her academic career examining and challenging material through a feminist lens.

Sarah began volunteering with the Women’s Centre in early fall 2017, and felt an instant connection to the space.  Sarah is enjoying building healthy relationships with all of the wonderful folks who utilize the Centre, and finding ways to work with the community in a thoughtful and compassionate way.

Nichola (Nickie) Cornell (TRACES Drop-in Coordinator)

Access to a home library that included books like “Our Bodies, Ourselves” had a foundational impact on the teenage years of Nichola (Nickie) Cornell. Since that time they have identified strongly with  feminism and social justice movements and have been informed by further independent study, involvement in interfaith, multi cultural and activist communties, in cooperative housing and in media, “digital arts and communications” studies. Since 2005 Nickie has been active in varied aspects of the textile industry, including: upholstery, sailmaking, soft goods/accessories and apparel manufacturing. Through their more recent work at ANKORS in Nelson, Nickie has performed as a master multi-tasker in office support, harm reduction, volunteer coordination and transgender/non binary support/advocacy roles. Nichola is parent to a dynamic young daughter who possesses unique knowledge of Harry Potter & Minecraft trivia. As a member of the Maa land cooperative community, located on unceded traditional Sinixt territory in the West Kootenays, Nichola is actively engaged in home making, hand weaving, raising rabbits and other explorations in rural living.

Raina Gardner (Youth Programs Coordinator)

Raina Gardner is a mentor, educator, and doula who is passionate about encouraging women and girls to believe in themselves and their own inner wisdom. She creates and facilitates experiential educational programs as well as supports women and girls one-on-one through life’s transitions.